The Designer & The Developer

The Designer & The Developer

When you have dedicated designers and a passionate developers work on projecst together, very positive and exciting things can be accomplished. Here are some help ways for designers and developers to stay creative, focused and optimized.

Talk, Plan, and Execute

At first, projects tend to get started but never finished due to unexpected events and occurrences. The best way to get something accomplished is to thoroughly document everything! Save your text docs full of random ideas, and file then away (neatly!)

Utilize TODO applications to help you keep track of your tasks. Having a personal project management system actually gives me the motivation to get things done and out of the way. I actually have two separate project management systems. Things for my desktop and Collabtive for our browsers. Things is more for my personal daily errands I need to finish, and Collabtive handles all of my serious work related projects.

Plan your events and meetings. Weather its on your phone or desktop, make sure to regularity keep your events scheduled. In some cases its best to create re-occurring events for tasks that require daily attention.


Utilizing a subversion system is absolutely crucial when working a project. The developer usually is in charge when it comes to file structure. If your a designer, listen to your programmer. They know exactly how they need their files setup. Collaborating on things like naming conventions is also important. You always want to stick to a consistant naming convention you both are conformable with.

Streamline Your Workflow

There are some amazing applications that help you save time. PathFinder for example is a Finder replacement that totally smooths out your workflow. Tabbed windows, customizable window sets, the list goes on. If your working on a big project with lots of files, or multiple projects, definitely need to check out PathFinder. Also a very rapid way to execute applications is a program called QuickSilver. Extremely simple and easy to use. If your a super bad ass, I would highly recommend Gridiron Softwares FLOW app for keeping track and managing file assets. Super time savers here guys. I recommend all of them! Did we miss anything? Have a time saver idea? Let us know!